History of Unsliven Bridge Barn and Farm


Located next to each other we bought this land and its farm house and farm buildings in 2006 from Yorkshire Water at a property auction. At the time the house had a sitting tenant called Mrs Marsh, who remained living in the property until she passed away. Used as a working farm Mrs Marsh and her husband had lived here all their married life and raised their children here. What is now the car park and driveway for the cottages, was the farmyard.

Unsliven Bridge Barn cottage was one of the farms buildings, with stalls for cattle or work horses in the kitchen area. With a solid wall across the middle of the building the living room area was also used for livestock. With a first floor above for storing hay and straw. The old farm house was situated in what is now the left hand side of the overall building and with the right hand side been a barn.  

The fireplace in the farm cottage in the red living room was the original fireplace from the Old farm house that would have been used to cook on and heat the house with a Yorkshire range.

We started renovation work on the cottages in 2016 and created 2 stunning holiday cottages sleeping 15 people in the Farm and 7 people in the barn. 

We first welcomed guests to the cottages in March 2017. 

Interesting fact for these cottages is that they have been visited by a famous actor.  The one and only Sean Connery. As a young man living in Scotland, Sean Connery delivered coal to Mrs Marsh when she lived in Scotland. Remaining friends he visited Mrs Marsh at Unsliven Bridge Farm.