History of Aitken House


Aitken house is a large detached property but this has not always been the case. It was originally built as a pair of Semi-detached properties, the deeds of the house confirm this, but its appearance has always looked like one. Shared between the 2 properties was always only one drive, one front door, one garage, one main staircase and one out house.  Built by a gentleman for himself and his grown-up daughter to live in. We presume that he built it with the intentions that one day his daughter could convert the building into one property in future years.

My mother’s parents bought the left-hand side of the semi-detached building in the late 1950’s. Then when the right-hand side came up for sale in 2000 this was also purchased by my farther. Both properties where rented out as long term lets for many years. There became a point where both houses needed an extensive amount of work carrying out. As the house is located in the middle of 4 other large houses, we thought it was only right that our 2 properties where converted into one.  

The renovation was made easier because of how the gentleman had designed the house. We have been welcoming guests at Aitken house since August 2018.